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Photographing Iceland – James Rushforth

An incredible two-volume guidebook for the avid traveller and photographer.

“Photographing Iceland” consists of two volumes. The first starts with general information about Iceland like the weather, safety, equipment, possible itineraries and tips on photography. It covers all areas around Icelands ring road. Most places described are rather well known but there are lots of information about each location, what to see, suggestions for different viewpoints and how to photograph them. Also on every page is a box with details how to get there, accessibility and best time for a visit.

The second book focues on the highlands, namely Kjölur with Kerlingarfjöll and Hveravellir, Fjallabaksleid including Landmannalaugar, Eldgjá, Thorsmörk, Thakgil, Lakagígar and a few hidden gems and last but not least the northern highlands with Aldeyjarfoss, Askja and Kverkfjöll. It concludes again with information pages about photographing from the air, the northern lights and useful weblinks and a glossary. There is a lot of highland-specific extra information, for example about suitable cars, river crossings, hiking and accomodation.

This is it, the master of travel and photography guidebooks about Iceland, this book has it all! Apart from the description of the viewpoints and how to reach them I love the extensive extra information about travelling in Iceland and the general history and culture of the country. The pictures are stunning and portrait every place perfectly. I also like the constant reminders to check the daily weather forecast and road conditions as this is absolutely vital in in Iceland.

The only downside of those incredible books is, that they are quite large and heavy. You won’t really carry them around with you when travelling. There is an accompanying (waterproof) paper map on which the main spots are marked, no details though. An ebook-version or a booklet with maps and overviews to take with you on the road would be great.

I can only highly recommend this book to everyone who plans to travel for a longer time in Iceland or is going on a photography tours in the country.

James Rushforth is a photographer, mountaineer and travel writer from the UK. He has won several awards and his pictures are regularly published in different media. For this book he partnered together with Wild Photography Holidays, a landscape & travel photography tours operator.

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